How do I install an aircraft?


It is always recommended to disable your antivirus software before installing any aircraft, as they might interfere with the panel/gauges installation. You can enable it again once you finish installing the aircraft.



1.- Place the downloaded file in the desktop and unzip it.

2.- Open the folder and double click on the executable file which is an auto installer. The installer will detect automatically the path of your Microsoft Flight Simulator. If it can't detected the path it will ask for the correct route which is by default:

C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X

3. - Then follow all the steps from the window.

The installation should take less than a minute.

Important: First time you use the aircraft you may be prompted to “Run” or “Don't Run” by the Microsoft Security Alert System, just ignore it and click “Run” to install the gauges. Then click on “Yes” in the next dialog window. Repeat this sequence every time that windows appear (this will depend on how many gauges has the aircraft)

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    I purchased DA 42 twin star and The folder that I downloaded by using this site doesnt have any executive file. Is there any problem about DA 42 purchased setup file ? 

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