The prop is distorted; I hear no sounds; The pilot's head is in the way in my X-Plane aircraft.


The prop is distorted; I hear no sounds; The pilot's head is in the way.



These symptoms are indications that the plugin is not loading.  You can confirm this by going to X-Plane's "Plugins>Plugin Admin" menu.  If the plugin is loaded correctly, you'll either see a "SASL" or the name of the plane in the plugin window.  If not, your plugin is not loading.

Other reasons for plugin malfunction are: conflicts with other plugins (such as Gizmo), and inadvertent deletion/movement of plugin files.  Occasionally, users have reported incomplete downloads, also leading to plugin malfunction.   

Another common reason for plugins not to load properly is, if the aircraft's folder has been renamed.  Long folder names actually cause plugins to fail to load on some operating systems.  If you have renamed the folder of the plane you're trying to use, please try shortening the name, and eliminating any symbols that are not letters or numbers.

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    Stephen Newton

    I bought the PA-22 tripacer and the Chieftain and also the c207. the c207 gave me an activation window and i put the code in and it works fine. but the other 2 didnt give me an activation window and I cant get them to work!

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    Chris velez

    I went into plugin admin and did not see the SASL. all I see is

    (Folder) 64

    Please help.

    Windows 10 everything up to date. New system (3 months old)

    All other planes I downloaded work great. I also downloaded and installed g1000 as required.

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