I bought an Alabeo product from a reseller. It is possible to have it registered at Alabeo?

Sorry, that it is not possible.

Every reseller has its own download, install and sales system which is not connected with ours.

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    I purchased several products from a re-seller.  How can I receive updates as you do not allow registration at Alabeo?

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    I purchased your "Alabeo piper Seminole with Garmin 500 glass panel, specifically for the g500 panel, but, I did not receive the g500 panel on the download. I had contacted you via email, several times regarding it, but got no reply. I am v trying one last hope. To contact you. I can be reached by phone, preferably, at 727 457 0489, or via email, at carlan6821g@gmail.com. I do hope to hear from you, because I would really like to have that garmin 500 panel installed.


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