How do I update the databases for the GPS devices?

We use the default FSX GPS.

You can find updates for the default AIRAC FSX database on the following link:


(Please let us know if the link is dead so that we may update it accordingly. Thank you)

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    John Cumins

    I have your Cardinal X-Plane aircraft.  It has 2 sets of landing gear extending out of the fuselage.  

    It looks like the Cessna 177 fix gear landing gear and the Cessna C177RG landing gear at the same time.  Also My license key does not work. It says to many uses. I only have on X-Plane computer.

    Please get back to me asap, this has been a very long time issue.

    My email is n864jf@gmail and my cell number is 707-479-5895


    This will be my second or third request




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