Invisible aircraft or No visible panel

If after installing an aircraft you got an invisible aircraft, this problem usually happens in FSX when you don't have SP2 or Acceleration Pack installed.

You can get SP2 for free from this link:

(NOTE: If you also need Service Pack 1, which is an optional Service Pack but sometimes required by FSX, you can download it from this link: )

If you are having issues with some missing panels, you could also try to re-install the aircraft running the installer as an administrator (and make sure you click "Run" and "Yes" when FSX prompts you to run the aircraft for the first time).

If you already have Acceleration Pack installed, try using the "Repair" option.

Finally, try installing the latest drivers of your graphics card.



Some users have been able to fix some invisible panel issues by following this guide:



We've detected that in some cases this issue is caused for a lack in RAM memory, try closing the simulator, closing another programs runing and then opening the simulator again, in extreme cases you'll need to add RAM memory to your machine.

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    It's more than 5 years since this topic was first posted.  FSX seems to be the focus here, and it's been overtaken by events.  Most FSX users migrated to P3D, which is very similar to FSX in many ways, but is a much more sophisticated product, and uses technologies unheard of in FSX times.

    I own numerous Alabeo and Carenado aircraft addons, and only one still installs correctly.  I believe Alabeo and Carenado are linked in some way, and Carenado is still insisting its aircraft can be installed in P3Dv5 by simply pointing the installer to the P3D folder.

    That's false.  When I do that, I get the transparent and/or missing parts of the aircraft, missing panels, aircraft fuselage, etc, etc, ad nauseum.  They're useless to me now, and the Carenado advice to simply install into the P3D root folder is bogus and they should be ashamed.  Attempting to install Alabeo aircraft into P3Dv5.2 ends with the same problem - useless and unflyable. 

    It would be nice if these companies would stop insisting their products are P3Dv5 compatible when they are not.  It would also be nice if they got off their butts and started producing some that ARE.  Not ALL of us have dropped everything to rush over to MSFS2020, which is a mess that's not improving.

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    Eric Joiner

    Please add to this FAQ that under windows 8.1, the product needs to be installed with "run as administrator". if they encounter the missing cockpit or invisible aircraft problem, then uninstall the previous installation and then run as administrator. I had this problem and this fixed it. I got the advice from a user on avsim.

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    Paul D

    Thank you Eric Joiner.  Worked a treat on Win 10 as well.

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    Karl Bridge

    With all due respect, if I pay for software the least that I expect is that it will work without tinkering!  If I want to spend an evening rewriting files then there's plenty of freeware to go at.  I bought the C195, was looking-forward to using it but got a 50% transparent instrument panel.  I haven't time for fiddling with FSX files so simply took a refund.  I would have preferred the model instead!  Please fix the problem Alabeo, I'd like to buy the C195 once it works.

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