No executable file in download

Check your product description. You probably bought the X-Plane version of that aircraft.

If that is the case, contact

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    Joel Audate

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I purchased the above aircraft and I don't see a "download file". What should I do? support ticket (1185). Thank you.

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    Carlos Mendez

    the item i bought is this   Alabeo-D17 Staggerwing    Item# ALA-150

    i want the installation for FSIM X,but instead what i got was a pilot flying with  no plane

    and 3 panels of windows,for my believe the download is incomplete,what should i do on this matter.I request a new download completed or a refund i made i do like the plane for years a was trying to get one of those planes and now this disappointment Please help me out on this matter i will be  glad.

    I paid $ 29.85  

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    Carlos Millan

    Can't install the PA-31-350 CHIEFTAIN?


     Order Number: 4CA6U3N1BLHXY2PSFQ7G

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    I don't get it how I can download the plane I've bought. The order is "Completed" and I have the Serial #, but there is no link to download the plane. 

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