Can't install C195

If you're having troubles installing the C195, please try to install it as an administrator, you need to right click the .exe file and choose "Run as an administrator".

If you run out of available installations, contact to increase the number of downloads available.

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    Install problem.

    Serial number: 7DXR4SN5MZUPE3KFQHB2YT6G5

    Upon entering Email Address and Serial Number, I get a "you have exceeded the number of installs..."

    My last correspondence with you indicated I had 11 left. (10 now)

    Can you please help me with this matter?

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    V.Manuel Guerrero
    Mi actualnº de serie es:ALZY347RCFEK5U62T1V8BNXJ8 Que ha dejado de validar por superar el nº de instalaciones, y necesito me renueve dicha clave, gracias
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    Liddicoat Brian

    I run the installer as Administrator in Win7 but still get the same error. Anything else I can try?

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